My Wife Does Not Want Me to Smoke, Chew or Rub Tobacco but I Can’t Quit Nicotine

I was having some success at quitting smoking. That is, I could avoid cigarettes if I smoked cigars, rubbed snuff or chewed tobacco. No doubt in my mind that I was addicted to nicotine. My wife generally despised the smokeless and chewing tobaccos I was using. She did not want me to use tobacco at all, but she tolerated the breaks from smoking since I was already having my voice change and was coughing more. I got online looking for an alternative to getting nicotine and found a click here ad for a vaping device that can give you big heavy draws like smoking a cigarette can. The little electronic cigarettes just did not have the power to produce enough vapor to make vaping satisfying to me.

The rechargeable pen vaping device used waxes for vaping. It produced a lot of vapor making it feel more like the smoke I was used to inhaling.

I Have Been Talking to Angry People

I needed a job and at the time I was not very picky. Obviously it had to fit in my schedule and I managed to find the sort of job where I do not even have to leave the house. That is a customer service job. If you ever called up some big company like CPL energy they probably have their own customer service people. They probably spend a great deal of money on it, because obviously that is a big part of any business and the bigger your business is, the more customer service is needed. If you are in a highly competitive business it could really be a decisive factor in success or failure. Things will go bad and you have to be able to fix them when they do.

It is Necessary to Learn What Fido Needs Beyond the Basics

I have been an animal lover all my life. I cannot imagine a world with no pets, much less not having one or more of them in my own home. I learned from my own family about how much water they need and how often to feed them, but in today’s pet world, they need so much more than simply having the contents of canned food being plopped into their bowl each day. I found this great Doggybakery web page that can help anyone learn more about what dogs really need to stay more healthy.

Let’s face it, many of us just do not know as much as we should about what our pets need in the way of ingredients in food.

Creating Your Own Personalized Swag

The purpose of making the design on your own mug is to personalize it. First, you’re going to need a great scanner so you can scan an image to use on the mug. Just check out some of these great scanning software reviews! I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. The software can be as simple as you want it to completely customizable allowing you a diverse selection of scanning options. Therefore, you can distinguish your own mug with others. It is your creativity to make the design as you like.

I Wanted More Stable Rates

I am all about saving money in any way possible. Every year or so, I will look at all of my bills and see if there is anything I can do about them to make my budget even more attractive. I would rather save money myself than give it to a company that is already making people a lot richer than I ever will be. This past year, when I did my annual review of bills, I discovered that my energy costs had skyrocketed. I did a search for Just Energy Texas because that is who my sister used, and she told me that her bill was lower than mine.

I wanted to make sure that this was not a mistake first, but it wasn’t. Even though my energy consumption has remained the same for the past several years, I was paying more for it. If all companies had raised their prices, I would have understood that it was just part of the economy game that we all must play.

Making Money with Scrap Metal I Find in the Neighborhood Trash

People throw out steel, copper, aluminum and other metals that are worth money without even thinking about it. Some folks around here call it “garbage picking,” but I call it free money. Steel does not net a lot of cash. Aluminum and copper does. I do not bother the recycling bins, because people have set aside that stuff specifically to go to the recycling center. However, when they set out stuff next to their trash that is metal, I take a look. I do this because scrap metal prices just keep going up and up.

Old downspouts and gutters, aluminum storm doors, constructions waste of copper wire and pipe and odds and ends that people throw out are worth money. Old motors have copper wire in them.

Best TV Deals from Direct TV

I am sick and tired of dealing with my provider, because they do not give me very good service in the first place, and then their customer service does not do much of anything to fix the complaints that I have. It pretty much seems like they don’t even care, which does not seem to be a very good way to run a business as far as I am concerned and I am going to stop paying for television service through them soon, because it just isn’t worth it.

I want someone who is going to treat me with respect as a paying customer. I really don’t feel like that is too much to ask either, because I have been in a customer service role before at a previous job, and it is not that hard to keep customers happy.

Foods for Helping with Gout

Living with gout is not going to be easy, but if I can make some smart changes to my diet, then I might not have such of a problem with gout in the future. That would be nice, because the pain in my feet is almost unbearable right now. I guess the problem is with high uric acid levels in my bloodstream, and that causes gout, or can be a reason why you get gout. I am browsing right now to learn more about foods that can help to decrease gout, and foods that need to be avoided to help to reduce the risk fo having my gout get worse than it already is.

It is no fun living with this disease, because it strikes at your joints, and makes it hard to get around. My hands are getting so bad that I can’t do something as simple as opening a bottle of soda pop. It is really frustrating to have to deal with the limitations, but I hope that my gout will get better.

Living in My Uncle’s Guest House

Of course in this case the guest house is more like an old fashioned log cabin. My uncle put it together from a kit or something and it sits back on an isolated part of his farm. It is really a good deal for me in a lot of ways, because he is throwing in free internet and Direct TV. In fact it has the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package and he gets a really good selection of channels. My uncle is in to sports even more than I am, so he has all of the sports packages. At least all of them except the baseball package. Really there is only so much baseball you can watch and you get the Braves games and a couple of other teams in the package that he gets of random sports channels.

Just Got Back to South Carolina

I am finally clear of the paper work with the U.S Army. I got back to Fort Campbell almost two weeks ago, but the guys at HQ screwed something up and my papers did not come back until last Wednesday. I got in my truck and drove back home, took a detour to visit one of my buddies in High Point NC. In fact that was not so bad. I went through Bristol and got there really quickly, although I nearly got a ticket in Virginia. Right now I have been looking for reasonably priced apartments in Columbia. My Dad has been busy looking for a job for me and he has connections every place.

Can Gout Effect You Forever?

After I read I decided to do more research on Gout as I suspected a friend of mine may have it. Gout is a very nasty condition that can cause a great deal of discomfort in your life. It’s manifested through a swollen joint, and most commonly affects the toe, though it can occur in other parts of the body as well. Gout is additionally a recurring condition, and having it means that you have to live your life in a particular way to avoid triggering it and prevent gout attacks from occurring.

Preventing gout from showing up is the best way to deal with it – and for that, you must know what causes it and what you can do to avoid it. Gout is caused mainly by an increase in the levels of uric acid in your blood – so naturally, controlling its levels is what you have to do to prevent gout from bothering you. This mostly boils down to your diet, though your lifestyle in general will play a role to some extent too.

5 Reasons to Visit Koh Lanta

So, why should you visit Koh Lanta during your trip to Thailand? Instead of spending all of your time in the bustling city of Bangkok, you should get away from the city and see what else there is to do in the great country of Thailand. Here are 5 reasons to visit Koh Lanta.

#1 – Friendly Local People

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to visit Koh Lanta is the fact that the locals are often incredibly friendly and laid back. Overall, Thailand has a laid back culture. But, this is definitely more evident in the sleepy villages located away from major tourist destinations.


On the big island of Koh Lanta, you will find friendly locals at every stop, including the crowded markets. If you really want to experience the warm attitude of the locals, you should visit during the off-season. When there are fewer tourists in the region, the local community is always eager to help you out.

#2 – Plenty of Great Dive Spots

If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, then you have to visit Koh Lanta during your trip to Thailand. The region has some of the best dive spots. You will find dozens of local businesses that provide snorkeling tours, boat trips, and other excursions that conclude with a dip in the water.

You do not need to be an experienced diver to enjoy these activities. Many snorkeling businesses will teach you the basics before taking you out on a boat. Generally, the boat will travel to spots that are known for their beauty. You can see clown fish, giant moray eels, barracuda, and other marine life that is native to the area.

In addition to marine life, you will find coral reefs and walls, underground caverns, chambers, and various other natural formations. There is plenty to see both above and below the water.

#3 – Scenic Hiking and Biking

If you want to go out exploring on your own, there are many gorgeous trails that will take you up and down the hills of the region. Visit Koh Lanta National Park for some truly stunning views. You can either walk these roads or rent a bicycle. It is definitely recommended that you rent a bike, as you do not want to get stuck in a remote destination. The area is peaceful, but walking along the road at night with just the sounds of natural animal life can be unnerving.

Another option is to rent a scooter. Scooters are available all over the island. In fact, you will want to rent a scooter at some point during your trip if you plan on doing a lot of traveling around the island. You can generally find a scooter for less than $8 per day.

Along with hiking and biking, there are other ways to explore the scenic sites on the island of Koh Lanta. You could take a bus or boat tour around the area. You could also stick to the area around the resort that you are staying at – which brings us to the next reason to visit Koh Lanta.

#4 – Wonderful Hotels and Resorts

There is no shortage of great places to stay while you are on the island of Koh Lanta. You can find quaint bungalows and luxury hotels or resorts. Along the beaches, you will find high-end resorts that include every amenity imaginable. For those that are used to staying at chain hotels and resorts, you will find familiar settings at the luxury resorts located on the beach.

If you want to stay somewhere a little less touristy, you could check with the locals in the Old Town of Koh Lanta. Here you will find old bungalows and huts that may be available for rent. There are also a couple of different hostels, including the Funky Fish Hostel, which has beds available for $6 per day.

#5 – The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

As a final reason to visit Koh Lanta, you need to see the beaches. There are 11 separate beaches surrounding the island of Koh Lanta and they are all beautiful. The sand is smooth and the waters are clear. During the height of tourist season, the beaches near the Northern shore can get crowded. But, as you venture south you will find that the beaches begin to thin out. Though, staying at one of the more crowded beaches can also be entertaining. You will find nighttime entertainment, including live music, and a lively nightlife among the younger crowd of tourists.

You now have 5 reasons to visit Koh Lanta. But, these are not the only reasons to visit the beautiful island of Koh Lanta. Take the time to explore more of this great region, including the smaller islands that surround Koh Lanta. If you want to create an unforgettable trip, you should plan a full schedule that includes a few days on the wonderful island of Koh Lanta.


Bio – Pat White, the author of this article writes occasionally on behalf of

How to Organize Tailor-Made Italian Holidays

One of the most culturally-celebrated destinations in the world, Italy is a beautiful place to escape to for a memorable holiday. Still, simply traveling to Italy is one thing while enjoying it your way can be another. So, how can you organize tailor-made Italian holidays the right way to ensure you have an experience to last a lifetime?

So Many Variables

When it comes to traveling, there are a wide variety of different variables you have to account for. Naturally, the first concern is actually how you intend to get there. Most often, this means securing a flight. From there, you need to know how close your living accommodations are to the airport and you likely need a way to get from one place to the other. Of course, this assumes that you have already secured accommodations for your stay, which is another variable to account for. Next, you need to now where you actually intend to visit and where you intend to eat. Depending on your main vacation objectives, there may even be some other aspects to consider.

Using the Right Vacation Planner

Rather than having to worry about going through every detail of your tailor-made Italian holidays, it might be easier to simply hire a vacation planner to help you get things done. Of course, not all vacation planners are created equal and while some companies might offer to get the job done, it is important that you look for one that will really do it right. Remember, you are after more than just a simple trip; you want an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Enjoying Tailor-Made Italian Holidays

If you want the best vacation experience, you should look for a company that works with those who are truly familiar with Italy and all that it has to offer. When it comes to familiarity, you won’t find people any more familiar than those who have actually lived there. Among the different options online, this is what makes a company like Bellarome really stand out from the crowd. This is because they hire actual natives to the area, which allows them to plan a more specialized and unique experience. More than this, you can simply tell them the kind of experiences you are after and they can have a trip ready for you within 24 hours.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Experience

Beyond their fast planning and their local experience, when you look at tailor-made Italian holidays from Bellarome you can also enjoy unrivaled value. They look for the most luxurious getaway spots and work to bundle everything together. Often times, this means planning a flight, hotel, and even local travel plans for one low cost. As a result, you can enjoy prices 20-30% less expensive than most planning companies out there today.

So, if it is a memorable holiday you are after in Italy, there is only one place to go and get it. Keep this in mind as you prepare for your next trip, and be ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Discover Cultural Sites in Uganda with Professional Guides of experienced Travel Agents

Uganda is one of the smallest countries located in East Africa. The country is popularly named as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and is well known for watching mountain gorillas. It is one the favourite travel destinations for adventure lovers and the region is rich in terms of culture, natural vegetation and wildlife species. There are several cultural tourist spots in Uganda that travelers love to visit during their trip.

Popular cultural tourist spots in Uganda:

Here is a complete list of the famous cultural spots located in the picturesque land of Uganda:

  • Kings Palace (Bulange Mengo) – The famous historical palace was reigned by Kabaka (king of Buganda). The palace was built in the year 1885 and is used to serve as Buganda’s parliament building.
  • Bahai Temple – The temple is well known for its amazing architectural designs and tented garden that is spread across 30 hectares of the region. The temple is located on top of Kikaya Hill in Kampala.
  • Kasubi Royal Tombs – The cultural site welcomes thousands of tourists all round the year. The tomb signifies the burial of the respected kings of Buganda.
  • Kabaka’s Lake – This Lake is located near the Bulange Mengo and is spread across five acres on the outskirts of Kampala. The lake originated during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga (in 1880) as he loved to enjoy the fun of fishing and swimming. Tourists indulge in a trip to the historical lake to enjoy some fun activities like birding and spot fishing.
  • Rubaga & Namirembe Cathedrals – The protesting missionaries built the Namirembe Cathedral in the year 1903. The Rubaga cathedral was established in the year 1880 and is located on the Rubaga hills.
  • Katareke Prison Ditch – The historical prison depicts the story of the brutal and violent Buganda History. One of the powerful Buganda King used to put all his brothers and sisters into imprisonment and kill them brutally. The popular cultural site reminds the tourists about the harsh regime of the brutal king in Buganda.
  • The Uganda Museum – The museum displays diversified collection of Uganda’s cultural heritage and traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants. The historical museum was constructed in the year of 1908 with the aim to preserve the rich cultural aesthetics and value of Uganda’s history. Some of the popular objects showcased in the museum include musical instruments, hunting weapons, and archeology.

Ababa Uganda Safaris offers Cultural Sites Tour in Uganda with best Packages for our tourist visitors for interact with the local peoples culture, heritage & tradition. For more details, Please VISIT

Benefits of Travel-related Social Networking Sites

Social networking websites were made for socializing and networking. They were made for like minded people to connect all across the entire world. Most social networking sites are made strictly for people to meet and connect, not to be sold stuff. For those of you that like to travel just like myself, the benefits of belonging to a travel-related social networking site are endless.
Belonging to a travel-related social networking site will allow you to network with other people to make your travel experience the very best. You will be able to find the best travel deals around, find out which places are a MUST to visit, meet new travel friends, and even find new jobs. If you enjoy traveling, you will be amongst a hardcore group of ardent traveling individuals. You will be able to share your traveling experiences and listen to others’ traveling experiences. I have found the best travel deals around from networking with other dedicated travelers. If you enjoy traveling as much as I do and do not have a lot of money, I suggest joining a travel-related social networking site as soon as you possibly can. I promise you that you will also find some of your best travel companions ever joining one of these sites since they will share very similar interests as you.
When you join a social networking site you have to be yourself. You need to let people know who you are and what you are all about. By being honest, you will naturally attract many people who share similar interests as you. Once you share common interests with people, it is easy to strike up conversations. Conversations will lead to many travel companions and even relationships. Not only that, if you want to visit other parts of the world or other cities or states, you will be able to travel and meet other people that can show you around town. There is nothing like going to another country or city and having a person that knows the ropes. You will be able to experience that country, state, or city to its fullest. There is a lot of hidden places in various cities that only the locals know about. You can really see things that are breathtaking and unforgettable.
If your hopes and dreams are to travel all across the world, you can’t go wrong joining a travel-related social networking site. The benefits are endless, especially if you are looking to experience the authenticity of each country and find the best travel deals around. When I joined a travel social networking site, within 5 minutes after I posted a message looking for a coupon code for Orbitz to go to Las Vegas, someone replied with a coupon code that saved me over $100.00! The majority of people on travel-related social networking sites are ready and willing to help anytime you need to find the best deal. I am able to travel all around the world for the best deals humanly possible!

Why should one consider opting for travel insurance when planning a vacation abroad?

A vacation abroad is an ideal way to relax and unwind your stress away. But at times, various factors can affect your trip, which can put you in harm’s way. But with travel insurance you will be well protected no matter where you go. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this insurance on you trip.

Saves your from extra expenditure

No one likes to spend their funds excessively. However, at times, when you are abroad, unexpected events will force you to shell out extra cash. It is a rule, that when you travel abroad, you will require to carry a fixed amount of funds in the local currency. But certain conditions like weather conditions cancelling your travel plans or even a terrorist threat in your travel destination can cause you to shell out extra funds. But with the travel insurance, you can be well assured, that you will be financially protected in such conditions. You only need to apply for this insurance scheme, with a clause that covers such situations.

Provides you financial aid during any emergency

As a traveller abroad, there are various was you can lose your funding. You will be vulnerable to the local elements, who look out for a quick buck or you can suddenly find yourself in a medical emergency, which required an equally urgent hospitalization, wherein you might require immediate treatment. In such cases, you might not have sufficient funds to move ahead. Insurance for travelling will protect you in such cases. You can apply for a cover that includes these clauses to ensure that your travel to your destination will keep you well safe and sound.

Offers assistance for replacement items

Baggage delay or loss is not uncommon during travelling, especially when on a flight. While you may not be able to know if your luggage is about to land in a different country, you can always be prepared for such situations. It is important that you are well organised for such situations as losing your luggage can lead to complications, especially if you are carrying medication or other equally important items. Travel insurance in this way will provide you with the ideal financial aid. You can get your clothes replaced or even your prescription filled with this cover.

These are few reasons which will require you to apply for travel insurance. However, while it may not be an absolute compulsion for you to purchase this insurance, it will go a long way to protect you from any financial loss during your trip abroad. There are several insurance covers that is customized to suit your needs, so pick the right one today!

Travel Insurance with Medical Screening

Tourists with pre-existing medical conditions need to declare their conditions, especially when they are traveling. If they do not do this and fail ill abroad, you will not be covered by your insurance policy. No matter what condition you have, you need to declare it.

What is Travel Insurance Medical Screening

Medical screening is a multiple choice questions and simple questions that will determine your condition when you choose to buy travel insurance. Some of the questions are personal but answers given are confidential. It is essential that you will answer questions accurately to ensure that your condition will be properly covered.

What Health Screening Questions Will be Asked

Before you begin travel insurance medical screening, you need to present medical declaration. You need to tell what type of medical condition you have. Depending on the condition you have, you will be asked about different medications that you have taken, whether you were diagnosed or admitted in hospital. If you are not sure about why you are taking it, it is better to talk to your doctor.

Screening questions are easy so you should not worry. It is important for the doctors to know what is relaly your condition and what you feel. Be sure that you answer the questions with honesty to avoid mistakes.

Declare Conditions and Exclude Others

Keep in mind that you cannot declare some conditions and exclude others. What you can do is to buy standard insurance excluding others for pre-existing medical condition. When it comes to onlinetravel insurance, you should know that you cannot pick and choose what you want.

If you want to have a good insurance when you decided to travel abroad, do your best and choose carefully what plan is good for you. Make a goodchoice because it is for your health and not for any other things.

How Medical Condition Affect Cost of Travel Insurance

There are numerous medical conditions that can be covered with no additional charge, but it is still necessary to declare them. Severity of condition will determine the level of additional premium being required. If your illness is severe or it is unstable, you need to pay more for travel insurance.

Whenever you choose to ho on holiday or decided to travel for medical treatment, you need to get a travel insurance or else you will need to expend more bills than what you expected. To know more information, you can visit

Bus Travel in 2025, will be comparable to both air as well as train travel

Bus Travel in 2025, will be comparable to both air as well as train travel.

Chennai: October 5, 2015: Online bus ticketing aggregator, Ticketgoose today signed an MOU with the Chennai Mathematical Institute to leverage data sciences to bring in scalable productivity enhancement to the bus industry.

“Bus travel has to become the main and biggest form of travel particularly for distances within a radius of 500 km” said Mr Naru Narayanan, Chairman of Ticketgoose. With train travel absolutely bursting at the seams and little increase in capacity, movement between cities continues to depend on bus.

And here is what the industry is likely to look like according to Arun Athiappan, CEO, Ticketgoose.

  • The supply side consisting of bus operators is a fragmented market. Some level of consolidation will take place in this industry with strong brands emerging at the State level.
  • State undertakings that dominate the bus industry will gradually release their near monopolistic hold over the industry, as private operators begin to offer customer conveniences that are simply not available today.
  • Clean toilets in every bus, making bus travel more convenient for women.
  • Facilities for handicapped persons to conveniently board and alight.
  • Improved services between major cities and at convenient timings.
  • Luxury class travel to be also available on buses.
  • GPS enabled buses with a time table and passenger awareness of current status from anywhere in the country.
  • Dynamic pricing of bus tickets based on demand/supply as being practiced in the airline industry.

Rajeeva Karandikar, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute added, “Mathematics and statistics have significant capability to transform industries. CMI works with forward looking companies like Ticketgoose to bring together IT and Mathematical sciences to effectively disrupt industries. Towards this and to make our services available to industry, we have created an entity called Algo Labs and our faculty now have the means to offer their consulting services thru Algo Labs.

Mr Lakshmi Narayanan, who is on the Board of Governors of CMI and also the Vice President of Cognizant Technologies, said “Bringing together Maths, Stats and business algorithms can elevate the industry to become cutting edge. With this big step in the bus industry, I am able to visualize that 10 years from now, we would be at the forefront of offering technology across the globe, and well integrated into innovations such as driverless buses. I consider this a historical step for the bus industry and take this opportunity to wish Algo Labs and Ticket Goose the very best. It is efforts like this that will finally launch India into the next decade”.

The MOU was signed under the auspices of Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman, Cognizant & Governor of Board, CMI and Naru Narayanan, Chairman of the Board, Ticketgoose.


For Editorial queries: Sandhya Raju, 9380572123,, a pioneer in online ticketing has been revolutionizing the bus ticket booking experience in India ever since the launch in August 2007.  With time based filters and available seat position being displayed at the result page itself, TicketGoose enables quick booking based on users’ past choices. TicketGoose mobile app provides bus tracking facility using real time locations, enables to share the ticket with family and friends besides providing information on highway motel ranking that is crowd sourced.  With more than 1800 operators displaying their inventory on the platform, and over 40 operators using the TicketGoose platform to integrate their fleet operation, TicketGoose has been the torchbearer for organising the hitherto unorganised bus industry in the country. The team at TicketGoose headed by Arun Athiappan, Co-Founder and CEO, under the able guidance of R Narayanan, Chairman, comprises of highly qualified and dedicated technical professionals who are focussed on ensuring hassle-free, cost effective and happy travel for consumers.

Everything You Need to Know About Ko Samui

The island of Ko Samui, or Koh Samui, off the east coast of Thailand, is a popular tourist destination. When you are looking for an exotic location, Ko Samui could be a great option. You will find coconut trees, sandy beaches, and coral reefs, along with luxury hotels and resorts. If you are planning a trip, discover everything you need to know about Ko Samui.


Geography and Climate of Ko Samui

Before getting into the various activities and features of Ko Samui, learn more about the geography and the climate. The central part of the island is comprised of a mountain, Khao Pom, which contains uninhabitable tropical jungle. It is the coastal areas and the lowlands around the mountain where you will find hotels, shops, and the cities of Nathon and Chaweng.

The island has a tropical climate, with February being the only dry month of the year, with October through December seeing the largest rain showers. Throughout most of the year, the weather is warm and humid.

Despite the heavy rain showers during the winter, November to February remains the busiest tourist season for Ko Samui and the rest of Thailand. Airfare and hotel accommodations can triple in price during this season. If you can stand the warm, humid temperatures of the early spring, you may be able to plan a more affordable vacation.

Getting Around the Island of Ko Samui

Most travelers arrive at the island via the Samui Airport, with flights coming from mainland Thailand. You could also arrive by taking one of the ferries that offer regular trips to and from the island.

For getting around the island, many tourists choose to walk or take public transportation. There are public buses in all parts of the island, as well as private taxis.

Lodgings and Accommodations on Ko Samui

Where should you sleep? With almost 18,000 hotel rooms on the island, you should not have trouble finding somewhere to rest. This includes various luxury hotels, resorts, bungalows, and private villas. Some of the top spots include the Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas, The Lotus Terraces and Samui Beach Residence Hotel.

Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas provide private villas for rent, with your own pool, kitchen, living room, and dining room. Even though you are staying in a private villa, the staff still caters to your every need. If you would prefer to stay at a traditional beachfront resort, then check out the Samui Beach Residence Hotel, which offers convenient access to the beach.

Dining and Shopping on Ko Samui

You will find traditional Thai food on the island. Local foods include salted eggs and rambutan. Most of the luxury hotels have their own restaurant or bar, but there are many other locations to get a bite of food, including small vendors, shopping malls, and nearby restaurants.

The island is a hot tourist destination, so there are many restaurants in the area, ranging from casual meals and fine dining to coffee shops and cafes. The top rated restaurant on the island is The Boudoir. This great, hidden gem is located near Maenam and has a large menu, so everyone should be able to find something that suits their tastes. Other restaurants to check out include Pepenero Koh Samui, Beach Asian Fusion Tapas Bar, and Barracuda at the Wharf.

For shopping, you will find small markets in most parts of the island, with the largest commercial district being Chaweng. Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village is one of the top shopping destinations on the island. It also houses various food stalls and small souvenir shops.

Other shopping areas to visit include Chaweng Noi Beach and Lamai Sunday Market at the Lamai Beach. At Chaweng Noi Beach, you can take a break from swimming and walk a few minutes to the nearby shops. Chaweng is one of the busier beaches, when visiting during peak tourist season, but this helps bring out a larger diversity of shops.

Attractions and Activities

For those that want to do more than lounge around on the beach, there are many activities to fill your time. You could take a boat tour of the gulf of Thailand and the surrounding islands or go scuba diving or snorkeling. Take a day trip to Angthong Marine Park and go snorkeling around colorful coral reefs.

You should also take the time to visit the northern coast of the island to view the Big Buddha shrine. You can actually see the shrine from several miles away. The surrounding temple contains other shrines, along with a small market where you can buy souvenirs and food.

Plan Your Trip to Ko Samui

If you want to relax on the beach or enjoy outdoor activities, Ko Samui has you covered. There is something for everyone on this large island off the coast of Thailand. From gorgeous beaches to authentic Thai cuisine, Ko Samui is a wonderful destination. Start planning your trip to Ko Samui today.

Author Bio – Paul Smith, the author of this article writes on behalf of If you wish to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui and are on the lookout for a ferry agent, Ferry Samui would be the perfect choice.

How to Make Your Day Perfect in Las Vegas?

When you go on a vacation, you want to be able to make the most of your trip. Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and it is also full of bright lights, loud casinos, amazing entertainment, and 24-hours of excitement.


If you have never been to Vegas before, or if you have never ventured out beyond the casinos, then you may want to plan out your day. There is definitely more to see and do than spend hours inside a casino placing coins in a slot machine. Here are a few suggestions to help you make your day perfect in Las Vegas.

Start Your Day with a Large Buffet

You do not have to look very far in Las Vegas to find a large buffet. It has become a staple of the city and many hotels and casinos have their own all-you-can-eat buffet. Fill up on everything in sight and load up on calories.

Some of the most recommended spots include the Garden Court Buffet on North Main Street, with a variety of cuisines and Victorian décor, or the Wild West Buffet on Boulder Highway.

Visit the Strip and Go Shopping

With a belly full of food, you can spend some time walking off your morning feast. You will have time for casinos and shows later on. Choose a mall to visit and do some shopping.

For discount fashion or footwear, head over to the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets on Grand Central Parkway. Closer to the strip is the Boulevard Mall – with over 100 different shops and eateries. Another option is the Fremont Street Experience. This open-air mall boasts of a $72 million-dollar canopy, a massive sound system, and plenty of entertainment.

Midday Site Seeing

After you take your purchases back to your hotel, take the time to do some site seeing. Within driving or cab distance of downtown Las Vegas is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This national park offers beautiful scenic views of the surrounding desert and the Nevada landscape.

Once you get back into the downtown area, find a fun activity or place to visit. On Stewart Ave, you will find the Mob Museum. Full of interesting historical items and information, the Mob Museum catalogs the history of organized crime and law enforcement – particularly as related to the roaring twenties and gangster era.

If you decided to bring the kids with you, you could visit the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. While it is owned by the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Shark Reef Aquarium is still open the public. Check out real sharks and other aquatic life in one of the largest aquariums in the United States. The main tank holds over 1.3 million gallons.

Time for Dinner

At this point, you should be getting a little hungry. The downtown area is home to dozens of diners, restaurants, salad bars, more 24-hour buffets, and steakhouses. There is something for everyone to eat.

In order to get a great view of the city, go to the 106th floor of the Stratosphere and eat the Top of the World restaurant. The rotating restaurant provides a panoramic view of Vegas. Along the same lines as the Top of the World is the Dinner in the Sky restaurant. This restaurant has high-end fare with guests seated at a large communal table that is suspended 180 feet in the air.

If you would rather remain on the ground, you should try some of the Steakhouses in the area. The SW Steakhouse on South Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the top rated steakhouses in the city. They have an open view of the water show at the Wynn and even offer vegan entry options. Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres is another steakhouse to check out. Though, both locations are pricey.

For an affordable meal, visit the All-American Bar and Grille at 3700 West Flamingo Road. A modern steakhouse and sports bar, the All-American should be within anyone’s price budget and offers a range of tasty meals with large portions.

An Evening of Entertainment

Now that you are refueled, it is time for the real fun to begin. If you plan in advance, you could book tickets to any of the fabulous shows at the top hotels. Check out some of the greatest entertainers, including Celine Dion, Penn and Teller, and Terry Fator. For a family show, visit the Blue Man Group at the Luxor. At the Treasure Island Resort, you can witness the mysterious Cirque Du Soleil Mystere performance. At the MGM Grand, you will find another Cirque Du Soleil show called Ka.

Once the show is over, split your time between gambling or living it up at any of the downtown bars or clubs. Just remember to stay hydrated and pace yourself. Remember, most of the hot spots are open 24-hours. There is always something to do or see, so do not rush yourself.

Make the most of your time in Las Vegas. Before you leave for Sin City, take the time to plan your vacation. Decide how you are going to spend your time. What are you going to do each day? Break down the day and create an itinerary. Las Vegas can be overwhelming, no matter how many times you visit. Use these suggestions to ensure you have a perfect day in Vegas.

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How Egypt stands like an unforgettable travel destination

Every single place on Earth has been bestowed with its own beauty and share of sceneries. Egypt is not an exception and comes with a blend of everything perfect for a tourist and visitors. Here is a handful list of things why Egypt is unique in itself and more of an unforgettable travel destination:

The People: Egyptians are known to be lovely and welcoming people. They are blessed with sense of humor and this has been proved in various revolutions where the general publicuses the funniest slogans to objectify subjects. They are very hospitable, helping and truthful to all.

Sightseeing: There is nothing that can be paralleled or compared to the beauty of Egypt. There is a long list of popular Egypt Tourist Places that are just famous for their beauty and serenity. The entire country is full of exotic locales that will take you on a ride to the past of rich culture.

Fashion: Egypt might look conventional and old at first place but there are lots of places for unique shopping. They offer unique clothing style, high eng jewellery designs and gift costumes that are oriental, look royal and very intrinsically designed.

Atmosphere: Unlike other countries, the atmosphere of Egypt is priceless and energetic. People are very particular about hygiene and cleanliness. They are punctual and very helpful. You will find people cheering and working happily in streets.

Food: To all those who are fond of delicacies and delightful feast, the place is surely going to be a heaven. The country has a list long of cuisine like Kofta, Kebabs, Melokheta, Rice pudding etc. which is not only famous in Egypt but also worldwide. Imagine the mouth watering Koshary being served to your plates.

Sceneries and Views: The country that hosts Nile river offers incredible scenes and they are as mesmerizing as their pyramids. The Qasr El Nile bridge is very popular and is a famous point for tourists as well.

Culture: Egypt is a very civilized country having a history of more than 7000 years. The culture is rich and the land is often said to be a mix of history and stunning views. The movies and poets of the place have made a mark for themselves in Middle East.

Weather: A sunny place that remains sunny throughout the year. It is very rare to find rains in Egypt and the weather is almost perfect in any month for your visit.

The Walk: Two special venues Qasr El Nile and Tahrir Square will make you experience the most perfect and beautiful walk of your lifetime. The other places like Opera Square and Abden Palace are also famous to relax and sweep off your feet.

Diversity: If you are one of those who love relaxing but also enjoy the crowded places then Egypt is a perfect destination for you! The country combines its culture, glamorous nightlife, Nile cruises, oriental places, ultimate gateways and so much more within. Get ready to be lost and experience an unforgettable vacation this year.

Travel Universally an Online Cheap Vacation Packages

The travel industry has taken some big strides in the past few years and is totally geared up to redefine the ways in which it has been operating after the technological advancements in the field of IT enabled Services. People in the Travel Fraternity have seen a rapid shift in the ways the service is delivered to the end customer. Information and Technology has reduced the necessity of middlemen in this industry. It has also influenced the process of booking a flight or choosing an accommodation.

Today customer is the king because he has all the required information at his disposal through the means of internet. All you have to do these days is just log on to a Travel Portal like Travel Universally and all your booking requirements are taken care of like an Ala Carte Menu for all the major destinations around the world. This has resulted in more bookings every year. Now people determine their budget and accordingly choose a package among the options available on the portal. Different packages are designed for different segments and customer profiles by the Tour companies and services and delivered accordingly. Depending on the purpose of your travel you may book an all inclusive vacation package or atour package which would fulfill all your requirements right from Meals, Accommodation & Transport. These mass customized packages provide you with immense choice optimizing your travel experience.

Traveling has now become an inevitable phenomenon of your life in the year 2015.  It doesn’t matter where you stay under the sun. It hardly matters from which class or the society you are or community you belong to. You have to travel irrespective of your socioeconomic status. Travel Universally knows its customers better and always strive to provide the best deal amongst the ones that are available online.

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Explore the Zanzibar Island with Cheap Mango Flights

Zanzibar island is picturesque island located 23 miles off the east coast of Tanzania. The island is also known as Spice Island and is surrounded by paradisiacal beaches and winding alleyways leading to spice-filled markets. It is the prominent beach vacation destination in East Africa. Unguja is the largest island of Zanzibar, which is home to numerous cultural attractions, many of which are found d Stone Town. Stone Town has also been awarded as Unesco World Heritage status in 2000 In order to give a new life to the city, several initiatives have had been taken by government. Palaces have been turned into museums and cultural centres. Grand Swahili mansions have been turned into restaurants and boutique hotels. There are beachfronts located in the northern, eastern, southern and small parts of the western regions close to Stone Town. Also, the Jozani Forest Reserve is a must visit place in Zanzibar, which is a home to several specials of birds and animals including  kirk’s red colobus and sykes’ monkeys to name a few of them. There are many other beautiful attractions on the island.

Mango Airlines is the most preferable airlines of travellers wishing to explore travel destinations in African continent. Fly Mango is a low cost carrier that makes it possible for travellers to explore South Africa without costing them a fortune. Mango Airlines come up with an amazing range of Fly Mango specials to make flight journeys cheap and affordable for all. Some of its offers like Happy Hour sale are announced almost regularly to make flight journeys within the budget even of those with tight budget.

Mango Airlines offer cheapest flights to Zanzibar from various destinations in South Africa. Also, FlyMango is the only airline operating direct flights to Zanzibar from Johannesburg. Most of the flights to Zanzibar from Johannesburg are around 3:40 minutes each way. Fly Mango flights fly to Zanzibar from Johannesburg pm on Tuesdays and on Saturdays. Flights to Zanzibar are at 07:00 and flights from Zanzibar are at 13:00.

Mango flights to Zanzibar include Boeing B737-800. It is an eco-friendly aircraft capable of seating up to 186 passengers. It is a low cost carrier and therefore only Economy Class seats are available. Flight ticket prices from Johannesburg to Zanzibar usually range from R 3 300.00 up to R 5 550.00 in high season, including airport taxes.

In order to book for cheap Mango flights and avail latest Fly Mango specials, one should preferably book for flight tickets through online flight booking portals. These portals give you opportunity to compare the prices as well as the best deals announced by all major airlines in South Africa. This way, one can save substantially on flight tickets and enjoy cheap flight journeys all around South Africa as well as beyond it.

A Helpful Guide to San Diego Sailing Tours

Whether you live in San Diego or you are just visiting the area, you should make sure to take the time and enjoy the ocean up close at least once in your life. For most people, this means getting out on a boat and taking a look at the sea life and beautiful vistas. With a variety of different San Diego sailing tours being offered, it can be difficult to select the right one for you. To help you make that selection, here are some friendly tips.

Different Types of Sailing Tours

One of the big factors that many people don’t consider when looking at San Diego sailing tours is whether they will set sail on a catamaran or a monohull. While a monohull might have better maneuverability, a catamaran is often the better option for this type of adventure. The main reason for this is that the wider hull design actually helps to keep motion at a minimum. This way, anyone who might have motion sickness on a regular boat should have an easier time handling it. Of course, regardless of what type of boat you set sail on, there are a few different types of tours you might enjoy.

Whale Watching Adventures

Perhaps the main reason that people look to take a sea adventure in San Diego, whale watching is definitely an enjoyable experience. With a good captain on your side, you should get the best chance at seeing whales up close and personal, which is not something you are likely accustomed to. Make sure to bring a good camera with you when you are going for this experience, as it will help you capture every encounter.

Other San Diego Sailing Tours

Though whale watching may be one of the most popular reasons to head out to sea, there are also a variety of other great adventures that you can partake in while enjoying San Diego. For instance, many enjoy a beautiful sunset tour, which allows them to see the sun dip down below the horizon in fully unique fashion. During the day, you might also enjoy a private excursion or specialized activities like snorkeling or kayaking.

What Is a Reasonable Price?

While there might be a variety of different price points out there, it is important that you pay attention to exactly what you are paying to get the best value. Though price can sometimes be an indication of quality, you want to make sure that you are never overpaying. In the case of a tour like this, many boats charge upwards of $100 per person. Knowing this, if you can find a company that charges less than $90 you are probably in a good spot. Naturally, just make sure they have the experience to back up the price.

So, when you want to look at San Diego sailing tours, remember to keep this information in mind. It will help you make the best decision and ensure you see what you want to see.

What Are the Essential Things That You Must Carry While Going For Fishing?

Fishing is the best leisure activity to unwind and relax. It seems to be a simple idea, but it is not so. If you are a professional then you need to carry lots of gear to make your fishing in Dubai an enjoyable experience.

Following are the essential things that you need to carry with you, if you are going for fishing for number of days at a stretch.


  • Fishing License & Regulations

In case, you are living in USA then the licensing requirement for different states are different. In case, you are fishing in a different country then it could be very much different. You must therefore enquire from the tourism department about your license requirement.

  • Water and Food

If you are going for short trip then a bottle of water and little bit of snacks is sufficient. However, if your trip is little longer then you must have water purification system iodine tablets etc.

  • Fishing gear

There are many different fishes available in the sea. In order to match with any specific type of fish, you need to carry suitable gear. You can go through the books on this subject, which will help you choose the right kind of gear. Therefore, choose the kind of fish that you are going to concentrate on and then take necessary gear to match them.

  • Water Shoes

There are many different varieties of shoes available for fishing. Depending upon the place where you are planning your fishing trip, you need to choose the right kind of water shoe to match your requirement.

  • Maps

If you are going for fishing in some unknown place then you need to carry necessary map, so that you always know where you are. However, if you are going on a short trip to any known place then a simple mental map can serve your purpose.

  • Health and Safety Gear

Since you are going to spend your time under intense sun, you must carry suitable hat and sunscreen get protection from sunlight. You must also carry suitable sun glasses, so that you can look at water. Carry a suitable knife and also first aid kit, cell phone, feminine products, bug repellent, and biodegradable toilet tissue. You must also carry a nylon rope along with you.

  • Camera and a tape

Carrying a camera will be useful so that you can take the picture of your big catch. You can also carry a measuring tape, which will help you take its measurement. If you are carrying a camera then you must carry a waterproof camera. Mobile camera can also be just sufficient.

  • Pliers and Hemostats

Sometimes, it may be difficult to remove hook from the mouth of the fish and hence carrying suitable Pliers makes a very good sense.

  • Backpack

Carrying a backpack with zip is always useful as you may have to carry many of the important items along with you.

5 Exciting Ways to Spend Time on a Cruise

Cruises today are bigger and better than ever before. Many cruise ships can now carry thousands of passengers in luxurious comfort and travel hundreds of miles to visit exotic locations all over the world.

If you’ve never experienced a cruise before or even if you are a veteran cruise-goer, you want to make the most of your time onboard the ship. Cruise vacations are the time to do and try everything life has to offer, to soak up as much fun and excitement as you possibly can.


Here are five easy ways you can make sure you get the most out of your next cruise.

Do Everything That’s Offered

A luxury cruise aboard a passenger cruise ship is no time to be a wallflower. The opportunities to experience new and exciting things are often endless. There are new people to meet, new foods to sample, new ports of call to explore, and new activities to try.

To make the most of your cruise, try to do as much as possible. Sign up for shore excursions at every port of call. Make a point of attending every formal dinner and ask to sit at the captain’s table. Scope out the prime deck chair next to the pool, order a tall, cool cocktail and introduce yourself to the people who interest you the most.

There’s a saying in the cruise industry: If you spending too much time in your cabin, you’re not doing it right. Get out and explore. This is your time to have fun and let loose!

Forget about Your Diet

You may have spent the weeks and months leading up to your cruise limiting your calorie intake so you could look fabulous in a bathing suit during your vacation, but once you step on board the cruise ship all diets are suspended.

Even if you wanted to, dieting on a cruise ship is practically impossible. There’s usually more food than you ever imagined possible and it’s available essentially 24 hours per day.

Get the most out of your cruise experience by eating and drinking as much as you want. Don’t worry: Nobody is going to judge you because every other guest on board the ship will be doing exactly the same thing.

Put Some Romance in Your Life

Let’s face it: There’s something about sailing on the wide open sea that is just sexy. Romance in the air on a cruise ship. Maybe it’s the moonlight on the water, maybe it’s the Margaritas and decadent chocolate desserts. But there’s one thing for certain: Cruises make people passionate.

If you are taking a cruise vacation with your partner, it’s often a great time to revisit what attracted you to them in the first place. Take the time to rekindle your relationship and spend some private time together.

If you are single, cruises offer the opportunity of a lifetime to meet up with other people. After all, you have a captive audience! Plus, the other people on a singles cruise are there for the same thing you are: To meet somebody new, let loose and have fun.

Live the Life of Your Dreams

When you are on a cruise vacation, you are far away from your family and friends, far away from your home, and often far away from dry land! That means you can be anybody you want to be and nobody will know the difference.

Cruise time is the time and place to live the life of your dreams. Dress up for formal dinners. Stay late at the cocktail lounge and let loose. Try new experiences and meet new and interesting people. You can build a lifetime of memories in just a few days when you approach your cruise with an open mind and allow yourself to experience new things.

Splurge on things you would never otherwise consider, such as having a special treat delivered to your cabin. Go for a romantic midnight stroll on the deck with somebody you love. Take plenty of pictures so you will always remember your magic moments on the high seas.

Leave Your Normal Life Back Home

Look, everybody has worries and pressures that they have to deal with in real life. The thing to remember is that cruise life isn’t real life: It’s all about enjoying yourself and having fun. You can leave the real world behind the moment you step onboard or when the ship pulls away from port.

For the length of your cruise, put all your other worries – your work, your family, your education or whatever consumes you during the rest of your life – on hold. Turn off your smart phone. Don’t check your emails or text messages.

It usually takes people a day or two to get into “cruise mode”. But once you learn to relax, you can enjoy your cruise to its fullest.

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Author Bio – This guest post is written by Leah Bradford in support of Insanely Cheap Flights, an online travel portal specializing in booking tickets to destinations across the goble.